What are you currently using for the link in your social media bio? A lead magnet that helps you build your email list? A quiz that gathers prospect information and helps sell your products? An online storefront? What if you could transform that link into a mini-website that drives traffic to all of your most important content? Well….you can!

BossLady Bio is a link in bio web app that allows you to create a simple mini-website that’s optimized for social media bios…and you can still use it everywhere else! Instead of a list of links or a bunch of tappable images, BossLady Bio is a tool that generates a professional mini-site that you can use with or without a traditional website so you can drive traffic to the links that matter most.

A Link in Bio tool can help you organize your content and links, show up like a professional, grow your audience, and turn fans into customers. We think you’ll fall in love with the way you can share your content with the BossLady Bio.

What can you share? Pretty much everything that you can share on a traditional website!

You can share a mini-video to introduce yourself, links to your favorite resources (videos, recipes, other websites, or whatever you love to share with people!) When using the Pro version of BossLady Bio, you can create featured links and highlight your top resources (like your most popular blog posts or freebies), and most importantly, drive traffic to your email opt-in so that you capture leads rather than just people browsing your free content and then clicking away without signing up or learning more.

Most people use their link in bio on Instagram and other social media platforms, but you don’t have to limit yourself to just social media. You can use it everywhere else too! Think along the lines of your printed business card that you hand out at networking events, your professional LinkedIn profile, your Pinterest bio, and everywhere else!

One of the questions we get is, “This sounds cool, but how can I use it?”  Women (and a few great men) are using BossLady Bio creatively across different industries and niches. From stay-at-home moms who teach a few classes here and there, to podcast hosts with thriving businesses, to social media coaches, and more.

There are endless ways to use a mini-website to share your message or your favorite resources! But let’s take a deeper look at six ways people can rock their bio.

6 Creative Ideas for Bios in Different Niches

Real Estate Agent/Real Estate Professional

In this example, a realtor wants to be able to showcase her featured homes, a neighborhood guide that helps build her email list, her mortgage partner quiz (which also helps qualify prospects as mortgage-ready or not), her best testimonial, and her welcome video. She’s able to update featured listings with just a few taps!

Main goal: to become the first realtor that pops into someone’s mind when they’re thinking about buying or selling a home in their area.

real estate mini-site

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Direct Sales/Social Commerce Team Builder

In this example, a direct seller who has multiple affiliate links but no dedicated website of her own wants to showcase her main offerings and build excitement around both her products and her team. Since she’s offering teas directly to consumers as well as a business opportunity to women who are interested, she needs links to direct people to the correct resources. Her primary resource is her Tea Quiz which helps her build her email list AND offer the appropriate tea blends to potential customers.

Since she’s both a direct seller and a team builder, she has two goals, one for each ideal customer.

Main goal #1: to become the go-to resource for wellness education in her niche. She’s sure that sales will naturally follow once people return to her account(s) for helpful tips and resources.

Main goal #2: to attract motivated people to join her team so she can mentor them in their own businesses.

Direct Seller mini-site

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In this example, a small medspa wants to showcase their newest service offering while directing people to their booking calendar. While they DO have their own website, they also have several affiliate links for skincare products that they want to direct people to so they can order themselves without needing to contact the spa. The staff is busy and not very tech-saavy, so they love that they can update their promos and specials directly from a phone without having to contact someone to update their website for them.

They want to help new clients feel comfortable coming to their space so they created a virtual tour video and a FAQ video to answer questions that they receive in their Instagram DMs. They love the one-tap phone call feature so clients can call to book their appointments by tapping their phone number in the Virtual Business Card section of their bio.

Main goal: to help potential customers be as educated as possible on their services before they schedule their appointment. This will reduce back and forth in text, email, and DMs and help answer all their questions about services.

Medspa and esthetician bio example

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In this example, Natalie Jones is a musician who also teaches music lessons.  She performs live (sometimes solo and sometimes with her band) at weddings and special events and with the bio, she can direct potential clients to her sample videos, testimonials, and even her Spotify playlists. She does not have her own website, but she does have several links, online calendars, and a Google Form that she directs people to.

Main goal: to direct interested people to the right resource, such as students and parents to her music lessons info page and brides/event planners to her music booking page.

Performer mini-site and bio example

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Cookie Decorator/Blogger/Super Mom

In this example, super mom Rachel has a side hustle of premium decorated cookies as well as a mom blog that she’s been running for a few years. She wants to be able to direct people to her Google Form for ordering cookies and her affiliate links for kitchen products and her Amazon store.

Main goal #1: to provide a highly organized way for people to see all the multi-faceted activities she does.

Main goal #2: to grow her passive income with easy ways for people to purchase from her affiliate links.

Blogger mini-site and bio example

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Attorney/Professional Service Provider

In this example, attorney Anne Thomas runs a small practice focused on helping small business owners set up legal entities and file trademark protections. She is frequently featured on local news outlets and is passionate about her volunteer work, so she wants a way to connect people with those resources. In order to meet with potential clients, she offers a short complimentary consultation as the main offer on her bio.

Main goal: to be known as an approachable and helpful legal resource for women in business with a clear offer for her complimentary consultation.

Professional mini-site and bio example

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So what is it that you do? How do you help people? Whether you’re in business, non-profit work, or community projects, you can use a bio tool to transform your link in bio into a powerful mini-site that you can update in just a few taps.


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