6 strategies to optimize your ‘link in bio’

Do you work directly with customers and love a good word-of-mouth referral? We sure do! In fact, even though we work in the marketing and branding industry, we consider ourselves in the referral business. And you might be in the referral business too.

If you’re in any of the following industries, it’s important that customers share what you do with their friends, family, and acquaintances.

  • Direct sales of any kind
  • Real estate
  • Travel and tourism
  • Beauty and wellness
  • Photography
  • Events and wedding planning

So here are two key questions for you to consider:

  1. Do you use social media for your business?
  2. If so, how confident are you that you’ve totally optimized the link in your social media bio?

As you probably know, you only get one link in your bio on most social media platforms. That means that your customers, fans, followers, or just curious clickers only get one opportunity to click over to your best resource.

There’s an awful lot riding on that one little link. So how do you optimize that one link in your bio so you can connect people to your best resources, get them to sign up to stay in touch, reach out with an inquiry, or make a sale? 


In this post, we cover 6 strategies to optimize your link in bio so you can build your brand, grow your followers, and attract new customers. Without further ado, those strategies are:

  1. A personal brand
  2. A well written social media bio with a Call to Action
  3. Multiple reasons to click
  4. More than one path to connect with you, buy from you, or learn from you
  5. Testimonials or another form of social proof
  6. Standing out


Strategy #1: Building and using a Personal Brand with a strong point of view

If you’re like most of our clients (and us!), we don’t do “just one thing”…in fact, we do lots of things. So, if you’re multi-faceted and you’re interested in building a personal brand, you can use your link-in-bio to direct people to those different things.

Your personal brand is connecting what you offer and who you are. You can share your hobbies and interests, passions, and your business to build your personal brand. It is like weaving your business and the little details together to help people know, like, and trust you.

Are you a bit quirky? Embrace it!

Are you known for rescuing dogs? Incorporate that dog-tastic element into your personal brand.

Do you have a signature beverage that you always order? Tell us about it!

A personal brand weaves all the little details together to help people know, like, and trust you.

People will buy from you not just because they like your product or service, but because you’re YOU. Building a personal brand allows your business opportunities to naturally fall under what you love and it allows you to pivot when you need to.


Strategy #2: A well written social media bio with a Call to Action

A powerful bio is going to become your game-changing secret weapon. When we talk about bios, users ask:

  • What should I put in my Instagram and Facebook bio?
  • What should I use as my link in bio?
  • Do I need a professional photo shoot for my profile image?
We suggest writing one main bio that you can tweak and reuse on different social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, Clubhouse, etc.).
Your bio should be authentic, professional, but still fun! You don’t get much space, so you should hit the main points: who you help, how you help them, and what they should do next. We have a great resource for writing a bio here.
  • Your bio should include a recent, well-lit, professional-looking headshot of your smiling face. 
  • Your bio should have a link that helps people take the next step with you (and is also memorable, easy to spell, and relevant). This link can be a BossLady Bio link (more on that later in the post, a quiz that helps people get answers, a free training, or a link to book a call with you).
  • A mention of other hobbies or passions and maybe an emoji or two.

Get tips on writing a bio and brand positioning statement on this post here!



Strategy #3: Multiple reasons to click those links! 

You might notice that we said links. . . plural.  While you only get one link in your bio, if you use a link in bio app (such as BossLady Bio, LinkTree, or Tapbio), you can connect people to more than one resource with that single link.

If you have more than one way to interest people in your brand, your products, or your services, you should use them!

That single link in your bio is prime social media real estate. If someone clicks that link, you should be maximizing the likelihood of them signing up for your email list or buying from you. Let’s be honest. If you just list your blog as your link in bio, someone might click through, look at your homepage, and if you’re lucky, read a post or two. 

If you’re listing only your corporate page as your link in bio, you haven’t given someone a specific reason to watch a particular video or purchase a single recommended product. While corporate sites can be slick and informative…they can also be stale and impersonal.

A smart strategy is twofold:

  1. Give someone multiple links to choose from
  2. Give them reasons to click those links!

People love to get their curiosity activated. If you can flip someone’s curiosity switch, they’ll stay on your profile and go down the rabbit hole of looking at your cool content. If your links also capture their email address or give them a way to take the next step with you, even better! This brings us to our next strategy…



Strategy #4: Give more than one path to connect with you, buy from you, or learn from you

This strategy is simple but important. Make sure you have more than one way for someone to connect with you. In our marketing clarity sessions, some of the questions we always ask clients is “How can people connect with you? How can people literally hire you or pay you? How do you want people to take the next step?”

You may or may not have built an email list yet, but people can certainly DM you, right? You can create a way for people to send you an email directly from Instagram. Some people like to just pick up the phone and talk to someone while others want to learn on their own, so if possible, provide paths for those people.

Think of the “paths” available to someone if they want to learn more about what you do. Paths like:

  • Can they go watch a video to learn more?
  • Can they book a call with you?
  • Can they email or DM you?
  • Can they get a freebie from you?

Even if you have all these paths available, remember to tell people loudly, clearly, and often that they should take you up on them!

A few ideas for resources or “paths” someone might take to get to know your business better are: 

  • Link to a services page of simple ways to work with you
  • Link to an explainer video about how people use your products
  • Link to your most popular blog posts that include a sign up for your free guide
  • Booking link for a discovery call
  • Invitation to DM or send a text message
  • Link to join your Facebook group 
  • Link to sign up for your email newsletter


Strategy #5: Testimonials or another form of “social proof” 

As you probably know, testimonials are powerful. If you’re in the referral business, include shoutouts from happy customers, before and after photos, and success stories. If you’ve been featured in a magazine, on a podcast, or on TV, share that publicity!



Strategy #6: Standing out

People make snap decisions about whether or not to follow someone and about whether or not to click a link. While you’ve already improved your odds by starting your Personal Brand (Strategy #1), writing a great social media bio (Strategy #2), and including testimonials in your marketing and social media (Strategy #5), it’s still critical to STAND OUT in the market.

How do you stand out if there are literally thousands of other women selling your same products or offering similar services?

You’re not amazon.com. You’re not Target…you probably don’t serve tens of thousands of customers. So you need to double down on YOU. You need to be authentic, passionate, and strategic so you can stand out.

  • Make your content pop! Use cohesive colors in your social media, edit your photos, and make your accounts visually appealing.
  • Post photos of YOURSELF as well as your products. If possible, use photos that you’ve taken of your products rather than just the ones your company provides. While those photos are gorgeous, they can look like stock photos. People like authenticity.
  • Use video. Oh, and take videos and post them. Did we mention you should use video? 🤣  The research is here and it says that people are watching videos on their phones. Show yourself, behind the scenes, unboxing, product highlights, and more!


By the way, we’re the team of Mission Entrepreneur, a small team of women working to help make business easier for women with easy-to-use tech solutions, branding, and marketing strategies. We’re also the proud makers of BossLady Bio, the fastest and most affordable way to implement these 6 new strategies.

BossLady Bio is a better way to link! It’s an easy-to-use web app that turns the link in your social media bio into a powerful mini-site. It takes only a few minutes to set it up and then you can use your bio link across ALL of your social media accounts…and everywhere else you’d share a link. With a mini-site, you can showcase links with featured images to make your links more compelling (AKA Strategy #3: giving people reasons to click). It’s designed to showcase your products or services, testimonials, resources, news, and promotions with both links and images. 

BossLady Bio is an affordable and smart way to employ all 6 strategies at once while helping you organize your content and links, show up like a professional, grow your audience, and turn fans into customers.


Discover for yourself why direct sellers, realtors, bloggers, stylists, photographers, and entrepreneurs are raving about it! Learn more.

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