Hi, I'm Jen!

Veteran / Entrepreneur / Author

An Air Force Veteran by trade, I’m the proud author of Mission Entrepreneur. I wrote this book for busy people who are on the hunt for a flexible career.

Ten years ago, I was one of them. I had just transitioned out of active duty and was moving a lot for my husband’s Air Force career which made it hard for me to find a job that provided professional fulfillment. I felt frustrated and discouraged.

And then it hit me. Surely, I wasn’t the only one feeling this way. So, at that moment, I made a plan to start my own business. At every step, I applied lessons learned from my military life. And it paid off – big time! Today, I lead and train a team of 10,000 entrepreneurs who produce millions in sales annually.

With a couple of successful business ventures under my belt, it’s now my mission to empower men and women to find fulfillment through entrepreneurship too – especially military spouses who are 90% under or unemployed.

Mission Entrepreneur

Mission Entrepreneur is a compilation of stories from entrepreneurs like me who’ve used lessons learned from life – work ethic, vision, passion, and resilience – to start and grow profitable businesses.

Mission Entrepreneur is the first of many resources. Stay tuned as I introduce my BossLady Websites and One-Stop-Shop resources to get you started (and thriving) while keeping my motto of LIVE.GIVE.SERVE.GROW at the center of everything.

More great things are coming soon…

My "Why"

When I keep myself challenged, I have more to give. By conquering my fears and trying new things, I provide a home with a mom that's fulfilled. This is my adventure...

What's your WHY?

  • Live.

    Friendships, family, little joys… that’s what life is all about. And no, it’s not always perfect! I believe in sharing our challenges and joys as we navigate this crazy world together. Let’s face it, our busy lives are a little messy and it’s always better when we’re not alone!

  • Give.

    Some of my fondest memories come from those moments when I shared my time or success with others. Knowing how fulfilling this is, I am committed to maintaining this a pillar of my life and business. I am currently focused on giving back and supporting the amazing military community with scholarships, training, and enrichment programs.

  • Serve.

    I believe that we have a purpose in life. Some refer to this as a calling. I think of it as service. As a veteran, military spouse, and Air Force reservist, I choose to dedicate my service to our country, our military, and to empowering the families of those who serve.

  • Grow.

    We can spread a ripple that changes the world a little bit every day. Imagine the possibilities if we all committed to trying new things, not giving in to fears, and learning new skills. My book and educating others is part of how I continue to live, give, serve, and grow. What will you do?

On the News

I believe that when we use our success to “pay it forward,” we can create an unstoppable ripple effect.

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