Rapid Fire Checklist

Thank you for choosing Mission Entrepreneur to create your website.

Let’s Get Started   

Whether this is a familiar territory for you or you need someone to walk you through it, we’ve got you covered!  Just follow the Rapid Fire Checklist below and you will be done with these 3 easy-to-follow steps in no time and your website will be on it’s way!

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Three Easy Steps
  • 01
    Name Your Custom Site

    To get your website started, you must first have a website name (that’s the URL, link, or domain that points to your site).  Choose one of our FREE options or purchase your own.

    *See Step 01 Below

  • 02
    Allow Us To Serve You

    If you purchased a custom URL, you need to link it up to us so that we can take good care of you.

    * See Step 02 Below

  • 03
    Tell Us Your Done

    Let us know you’re done by sending an email to our team. Make sure your Client Intake Form is complete so we can understand your vision. We’ll take it from there.

    * See Step 03 Below

The Details

  • 01.

    Name Your Site

    To get your website started, you must first own a website name. All those tech savvy peeps will refer to this as your domain name (think of it as the “www-link” that points to your site). You can buy a custom URL (to match your unique style) or use one of our FREE options.

    FREE Options:

    Free options are the easiest and will have the buildherbiz.com or bossladywebsites.com ending.  They look like this:



    To use one of our FREE options, simply complete the Client Intake Form with your top three names and we’ll get your site setup.  Skip to step 3.

    PAID Options:

    If you’d rather use a custom name (without the bossladywebsites or buildherbiz endings), you need to start by purchasing a new domain. We recommend a provider like domains.google.com. *Note, if you already own and use a custom domain, consider purchasing a new URL for your new websites. Otherwise, all content will be lost when you accomplish Step 2.

  • 02.

    Allow Us To Serve You (Point Your Site To Us)

    If you choose to purchase a custom website name, you’ll need point it to us.  Trust us here! We know that it can be uncomfortable messing with configuration settings. So we made a short video to show you exactly what to do.

    NameServer Setup

    To complete this step, you will need to log into the site where you purchased your website name.

    If you bought your website name from google domains, check out the video “Setup Using Google Domains” for easy to follow steps. If you purchased from another provider, simply search for “setting NameServers” with that provider. Or, check this out for your service: GoDaddy, Names.com or Host Gator.

    Once you’re logged in, all you need to do is “set” NameServers to the servers listed below (NOTE:  If there are already NameServers listed, simply delete them all and add these in):



  • 03.

    Tell Us Your Done

    That’s it for the hard stuff!  Now, let the fun begin!! Simply take a moment to let us know you’re done (and finish your Client Intake Form).  Once this is complete, we’ll take it from there!

What's Next

Congrats on completing the first steps.

Now it’s time to get really excited! Sit back and relax as our team focuses on the rest of the details!  The password to your new site will arrive soon and include everything you need to know and what to expect next.  

Questions?  Click HERE to contact our team.