Overcoming Fear…Why I Look Forward To Failure’s Next Visit

Overcoming Fear…Why I Look Forward To Failure’s Next Visit

Dear Failure,

Hello there! I’d love to say it’s been a while but the truth is that you are a constant in my life.

You strive to cloud my better judgment with your desire to diminish all the things I believe in, especially the ability to believe in myself. There are many days that I wake up and know I will conquer you in every way. But there are many days that I wake up, and wish I could fall back asleep, and this has nothing to do with you. It has come to my attention in recent days, months, and years that you are an inevitable factor in my life (as well as many of my friends). It seems important to express that although you crash into our lives at your own free will, the truth will always remain that you are purposely added to each of our guest’s lists.

Now, I’m sure you are scratching your head and asking HOW???

Well, let me begin by saying that in order to understand the depths of who we are, we must face the things in life that often cause us the most fear. We must wake up, make our beds, and face each day regardless of the power you think you possess. You have in fact gotten the best of me at times, and without a doubt many others, but you will NEVER defeat me.

It is also important for you to understand the role you actually play in my life. I have accepted that your presence surrounds me, but I am no longer allowing you to be in charge. We take each day as it comes and will continue to lock arms because we can. Strength isn’t missing from our encounters. Weakness is no competition. I am determined to reach my wildest dreams. You, my friend, are a mere stone of which I regularly step on, as I grow into the best parts of who I will become!!! You are a platform in my life that simply helps develop a realization of all the things I have overcome.

Please know that you are welcomed with open arms, and gratitude at my tables. I look forward to your next visit and cannot begin to express how much you have allowed me to grow.

My sincerest appreciation,

Overcoming Fear