Embracing Your Uniqueness: A Key Ingredient to Entrepreneurial Success

Embracing Your Uniqueness: A Key Ingredient to Entrepreneurial Success

Do you remember back to the first time someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up?

I remember wanting to be a lawyer, a child psychologist, and eventually the only thing that made me feel like I’d really “made it” in life was the idea of writing a book.

None of these careers really would distinguish me amongst everyone else. It doesn’t come close to where I am today. Sure, I like to argue that I enjoy listening to people and sharing advice, and I’m writing for an incredible blog.

But, I entered the medical field after losing my father—a time where my desire was to understand the how, what, and why of our health and health care, and how I could contribute in this industry.

So I began reflecting on how we distinguish ourselves from everyone around us. And it’s simple. We stay true to who we are and, instead of choosing a life, we create it. 

At times, the life we create may only make sense to us. That, however, is enough! When we remain true to who we are, to include our quirks and flaws, we become relatable. And being relatable is very necessary, as we can form connections and bonds that trickle into the greatest experiences we’ll ever have.

You see, our differences are enough of a distinction, and it’s what we choose to pour our hearts into that help create the life we’re destined to live to include the legacy we leave behind.

These are the moments where we get to truly embrace the things that make us unique. For instance, the colleague you know who is a great artist or that friend who is phenomenal at public speaking. That creative or charismatic trait is something we all can appreciate.

For me, I really enjoy writing it’s always been a way to release myself from all the things we go through in life. It calms me, and it also allows myself to really express how I feel in a way I could never verbalize. Somehow, I learned how to articulate my thoughts and feelings through writing, and whether people agree or disagree, I’m proud of this ability and I embrace it.

Although my career path developed in health care, my life experiences as a military spouse, mother, and desire to attain time freedom is what lead me into the path of becoming an entrepreneur. In recent months, I’ve actually taken a step back from this role to realign my goals with the natural qualities I already possess. I’m learning how to articulate these two areas into one successful purpose, and I’ve come to understand that who we are is exactly how we leverage our story.

We all bring very different things to the table, which are just as powerful individually as they are collectively. These very things that help to distinguish who we are, or define the things about us that are unique, are all we could possibly need to accomplish our entrepreneurial dreams.

What are you leveraging about your uniqueness that contributes to your story and what you have to offer?