Love Yourself. Invest in Yourself. Everyone is an Entrepreneur.

Love Yourself. Invest in Yourself. Everyone is an Entrepreneur.

The mere fact that you exist makes you enough!! It makes you worthy, it makes you the option, and it makes you have purpose!!! We don’t always see the value in the potential of the way we exist in this life. We don’t always understand the directions we are meant to go. My hope is that in this month, in this year; you are able to acknowledge the value you bring to the table in every facet of your life.

Over the weekend I was watching my daughter play at the park, and I was amazed at the lessons she was teaching me just by playing. It didn’t take long to realize these few things were something we all could utilize if we find ourselves always on the go. It was an important reminder of how we can take more time this month or year to really invest and love ourselves.

It started with a pause. My daughter would run around playing tag with her friends, and then yell PAUSE…which was a break for all the kiddos to “just breathe” for a few moments. I am personally guilty of not recognizing the need for a break in my daily routine. How often do you find yourself always moving and forget to pause and take a breath?

It transitioned into “don’t underestimate yourself”…YES; she said this to a friend who while attempting to try the monkey bars said out loud, “I don’t think I can do it”. She heard the word earlier in the day and asked what it meant…and then told her friend to not underestimate herself, because she was “totally” capable of making it the entire way. How often do you find yourself underestimating what you are capable of?

This is something I am guilty of as well!!

It finally came time to head home and while we were getting readjusted inside, my daughter says to me, “It’s cuddle time”. Whenever we are on the go, she says cuddle time and we stop everything to just sit together and hold each other. It’s these precious moments that remind me how important it is to let go of all the hustle and reflect on the only things that matter. Have you cuddled with anyone today??? Even yourself??

It’s true that this world does not come short of fears and failures. It offers an abundance of doubt and insecurities. And it tallies every possible decision as if it’s being written in the sky for all to see…when in reality, it’s all in our heads. It doesn’t require a grand gesture to know that what you put out in this world is worth something!! At times it may only be you that sees the beauty in what you offer, but eventually that will change. AND, in most cases it’s not even true. Our babies, look up to us daily even when we don’t even realize it…they soak it all in. And maybe your “baby” is your colleague, your neighbor, your grandparent, niece or nephew, or perhaps that person you have yet to meet that needed to hear, see, or be a part of what you have to offer in this world. Continue to seek the ways in this life that will find you on the opposite ends of your fears and doubts.

Love and invest in yourself, take pause, stop underestimating yourself, and always find time to cuddle!