Give Yourself the Gift of a Gracious Lifestyle!

Give Yourself the Gift of a Gracious Lifestyle!

If there’s one thing I love, it’s expressing gratitude! My question: Why do we reserve this only for Thanksgiving time?

Yes, it is a very special time of year. Time to pause, gather with friends and family, to celebrate the gifts and the spirit of Thanksgiving. But I really view this as a lifestyle, not a holiday tradition!

Years ago, my mother showed me the power of counting blessings. She constantly modeled for my family various ways to share thankfulness and how it leads to an enriched life. I am extremely indebted to her for this because it has become engrained in me to look at the positives in my life! I truly see a huge lift in my spirits and my mindset when I am focusing on all the things I have to be grateful for in my day to day life.

My tips for giving yourself the gift of a gracious lifestyle
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    Find a time in your day to write down what you are thankful for! It may be first thing in the morning or late at night before bed, but finding a consistent time each day to do this activity will provide you so much joy and perspective.

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    Infuse gratitude into your conversations and thoughts! How? When someone asks you how you are doing, say “I’m doing ____ and I’m grateful for ___.” It may sound odd at first, but the more you do it, the more you will realize how it will infect you with positivity and spread that to others!

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    Focus on concrete items you can name easily versus big ideas. Of course it’s fantastic to list family members and bigger things, but finding joy in the little things like lattes and a smile from a friend help you become more observant and on the lookout for life’s little gifts.

Enjoy this season of thanks by taking time for gratitude. You will love it!