How to use a “Problem-Solution” Slideshow on Instagram Stories to Teach and Sell

September 3, 2020

Swipe our 5 Slide Formula for using a simple Instagram Stories slideshow to teach and sell! #Instagramtips #instagram #socialmedia

Selling online? Here’s how to use a Problem-Solution Slideshow on Instagram Stories to Teach and Sell

If you’re in the business of social selling, building your personal brand, or running a small business, you probably already know that you need to be using social media. Like yesterday.

With almost a billion users, your business should probably be on Instagram. Instagram is constantly rolling out new features like IGTV and Reels (their version of Tik Tok), but there’s an overlooked way that you can leverage your Instagram stories to really paint the picture for people to sell whatever it is you do–using an Instagram Stories slideshow to teach and sell.

By the way, don’t worry if you don’t have thousands of followers to make social media work for you. That’s not what social media is really about. It’s about showing up as a guide for people and connecting with them.

Getting more likes and views (AKA the Instagram algorithm to like you)

Instagram runs on complex algorithms that show users more of what they might like. Think of it a bit like boosting your credit score through certain actions like engaging, posting regularly, posting good content, and using hashtags. 

When someone comments, sends you a DM, responds to your story, or clicks a link, Instagram counts that as engagement. Basically, Instagram’s algorithm says, “Hey, this person posts relevant content that people like, so we’re going to show it to even more people!” 

Pssst. Read this quick note about best practices for your Instagram account. ????

Is your account public or private?

One thing we’ve noticed over the last few years is that many people who are independent consultants or do social commerce is that their account is often set to private mode. As you start to expand your business, it’s a good time to decide, “Am I going to be a personal brand and act like a business? Or am I going to just keep my marketing and selling to my inner circle of friends and family?”

If you’re the face of your business, privacy concerns are absolutely relevant, especially if you show behind-the-scenes snippets of your life and family. If you have a private account (and intend to keep it that way), you may also want to vet people to some extent before accepting a request to allow them to follow you and let them see your content. But most of the strategies for social media are only designed for Public accounts so you can grow your audience beyond friends and family and get your content discovered through hashtags and shares. That being said, let’s jump into how to use Instagram Stories slides to teach and make an offer! 

Whatever it is you help people with, in general, someone has a problem or situation that they’d like to change and you have a solution, right?

In a series of 4 or more slides, you can walk your ideal client through a bite-sized piece of your process or present them with a problem and your solution. Most people are visual…and very distracted! So the goal of the Problem Solution Slideshow is to make it as easy as possible for people to learn what you do, see themselves working with you, learn exactly how you can help them, and then make them an introductory offer.

The 5 Slide Story Formula 

  1. Introduce your avatar, issue, or topic
  2. Introduce the Problem
  3. Bring in the Complication (or Circumstances)
  4. Show the Solution
  5. Ask and Call to Action

Slide 1. Introduce your avatar, issue, and/or topic

In your first slide, you can introduce a real client or you can use somebody who represents who you serve. Instead of an avatar, you can also use the first slide to introduce your teaching topic.

Here’s the problem. Here’s what most people face. 

Side note about avatars. Get specific. Instead of just picking like a general avatar, really think deeply about who you want to serve. 

What are all the things that your ideal client really deals with?  Get down to the nitty-gritty details of what exactly is happening with this person because it’s going to help you paint a better picture as you create your Problem Solution Slideshow.

Using avatars can be a great method as a business owner to constantly be thinking about who you can serve with your business. Because the more detailed you get with them, the more they’ll resonate with what you offer.

Specific beats vague every time

Slide 2. Introduce the Problem

Does your ideal client have a problem or situation that they want to change? State the problem here.  (Since we’re tackling a Problem and Solution in just a few slides, pick just one problem.). 

Slide 3. Bring in the Complication (or Circumstances)

Okay, so and then you have the problem, and then you have a complication or other circumstances. So the complication is she’s on a really tight budget. And she’s got kids on suddenly and she doesn’t have any time. She can’t get organized. She’s caring for somebody you know, whatever it is you help with.


Slide 4. Show the Solution

This is the good part…show how you can help them! Like literally show them. Use powerful visuals of your products being used or mockups. Do you sell an eBook? Show what it looks like! Offering a free discovery call? Show your face and the registration page! In other words, make it easy to understand and highly visual.

Slide 5. Ask and Call to Action

And then you call them to take action, ask them for it. And the point being if this is new to you that it’s going to be what’s called a transitional call to action. You don’t need to remember that. But that means send me a DM, click this link in my bio a direct call to action might be by the product. 

And guess when people know you and they’ve seen you enough when they’ve been watching you, they will do that. You might want to start with an indirect one meaning send me a DM and I’m going to send you a voice note or respond with my suggestions. 

Calls to action don’t have to be just “buy”; they can be easier asks that help you grow your interest list and get people excited.

Calls to actions could include:

  • Click the link in my bio to register
  • DM me with the word FREEBIE for access to my workbook
  • Get started with the 5-minute quiz
  • Get my PDF to watch the 10-minute training
  • Send me a DM for the link to our upcoming coffee chat!
Problem Solution Slideshow Example

Problem Solution Slideshow Example

Problem Solution Slideshow Example

Problem Solution Slideshow Example

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Want more tips on using IG? Read 3 Steps to Using Instagram to Grow Your Business! Oh and was it you who said you’d love your social media life to be a heck of a lot easier? ???? We have template packs of gorgeous branded social media templates so you can save time and look professional in your marketing!

Swipe our 5 Slide Formula for using a simple Instagram Stories slideshow to teach and sell! #Instagramtips #instagram #socialmedia

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