Why Some People Always “Luck Out”…Start Creating Your Own Luck!

Why Some People Always “Luck Out”…Start Creating Your Own Luck!

How do you define luck in your life? Does it follow the nouns in your life or does it create the actions of it?

Luck is the concept that defines the experience of notably positive, negative, or improbable events. ~ Wikipedia 

Growing up, I lived in a town filled with casinos. You could find a slot machine in your local gas station and grocery store. This is a town where you could witness people spending all hours of their day and night feeding these machines their hard earned money, in hopes to be “lucky” enough to win the big pot. These same people would also find themselves intending to go into the grocery store to fill their refrigerators full of food, but headed home hours later with no groceries to feed their families and further into debt. They worked so hard for this money, they spent all of this time at the machine, and they simply weren’t “lucky” enough to win.

Luck is a “concept that defines an experience”…So why, as an entrepreneur do we assume that we will win the pot of gold in the early stages of our businesses?

When you decide to join the gym, you have an understanding that one day, one week, and one month isn’t going to cut it. You can’t just go a few times and expect to see a change in your health goals. It takes time, discipline, effort, and WORK.

When you are trying a new skincare regimen, you can’t expect to see results overnight. You have to allow your skin to get acclimated to the new products, which can mean making adjustments to add or subtract a product. It takes time to see the results of clearer skin or fewer wrinkles. It takes consistency. It takes patience.

As an entrepreneur, we often risk a lot before seeing the rewards. This isn’t an instant experience…it can take several years. And within these years there are many obstacles and even more moments of feeling like luck is not on your side. This same “luck”, however, is very different you see. Throughout these trials and tribulations we learn how to grow. We connect with people that build us up, we are taught many lessons, and we find a tribe of people that continue to cheer us on. We develop skills that will lead us into a personal fulfillment we never knew existed. We work hard, and through it all, even the losses, we can appreciate the outcome.

Luck can create momentum in our lives, but it’s not what builds the walls to the life we dream of having.

Sure, you can “luck out” and have a killer turn out at your event, but that’s not a guarantee it will last.  In order to gain the things we want in this life, we have to accept that our goals are attained by the effort and work we put into them. The time we spend investing in ourselves and dream is what will help us create the momentum needed to continue to grow and build a successful life. Luck isn’t random; it’s the work we put in that define the experience we have.

How will luck define your experiences?