2019 Marie Forleo’s B-School Discounts, Bonuses and Scholarships!

2019 Marie Forleo’s B-School Discounts, Bonuses and Scholarships!

Are you thinking of joining Marie Forleo’s B-School and wonder if it’s right for you?  Want to find B-School discounts, bonuses, or scholarships?

You’ve come to the right place!

Marie Forleo's B-School Bonus Mission Entrepreneur by Jen GriswoldInvest in Your Future!  Be The Boss!

I wrote Mission Entrepreneur and highlighted Marie Forleo’s B-School as one of the best investments a busy professional will find.  But finding information about B-School discounts, costs, and start dates can be a challenge.  So, if you’re looking for a B-School discount and you’re a professional, CEO, team-leader, veteran, or mom or dad, you’re in the right place.

More on why I love B-School in a bit…

But first, let me get right to why you are reading this…you are ready to be your own boss and want information on B-School Discounts, Bonuses, Scholarships, and B-School Military Discounts.

Everything you need to know about B-School Discounts, Scholarships, Bonuses…

Ok, first let’s start with the bad news.

There are no coupons, no promo codes, and no rebates for B-School.  Period.

In fact, discounts are expressly forbidden.  If you find a discount, proceed with caution!  Team Forleo will crack down on this (and the last thing you want is to lose out on your investment!).  However, B-School will allow you to split your payments over several months.  While this might ease the $1999 price tag, you will still end up paying the full price.

Is Marie Forleo's B-School Worth the investment?

Be Your Own Boss!  Learn how with Marie Forleo’s B-School

But, don’t be discouraged!  You can still find an amazing deal or value-packed bonus on B-School.

Let’s get to the good news!

B-School Scholarships, Grants, Tuition Assistance

Yes, you read that right!

Are you a U.S. veteran or military spouse?  This year we are offering a B-School scholarship for one female veteran or military spouse. For FREE! To enter, simply fill out this form by 12 PM, EST, 11 Feb 2019. The winners will be announced by 14 Feb 2019.  Simply fill out this form.

Someone is going to win and it might as well be you!

Why I LOVE B-School & Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is an entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist, and was named by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation. She is spunky and carved her own path in a male dominated industry.  Marie has helped almost 40K entrepreneurs start and grow businesses through B-School…the stats don’t lie…her program works!

One reason I love B-School is because Marie’s team is beyond passionate about online marketing and, frankly, head over heels about empowering entrepreneurs to succeed in business and life.  Something I totally relate to!

And, people who get and leverage online marketing have the highest profits, the best customers and a business that makes money 24/7.  People just need a little nudge to get there!

Oh, and…one more thing!

Because I’m so excited to get you off to a great start, I am GIVING away my best BONUS yet (packed with $1999 worth of tools and resources…can you say your own professional website!).  Check out my 2019 BONUS details HERE.  And, the first 10 people to enroll with my affiliate link will get personal coaching with me!

This won’t be available long, grab yours right away (B-School sales open mid-Feb 2019)!

If you are still wondering if B-School is worth the cost and investment, check out this article and answer the 7 questions to consider before you decide.

Have questions?  Leave me a message.



Jen Griswold