Portable, Flexible Job Opportunities That Fit Your Busy Life!

Portable, Flexible Job Opportunities That Fit Your Busy Life!

We are big time advocates of women entrepreneurs!

We understand the unique challenges you face moving, balancing families, and managing military life. This year, we’re cooking up some fun new ideas that include sharing jobs that are a great fit for the unique needs of our tribe.

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Here’s a testimonial from a fellow military spouse who found a portable, flexible job that fits her busy life! Who knows…maybe the next testimonial will be from you!

“Like you, I am a military spouse. I understand only too well the importance of having flexibility and remote career opportunities. The military lifestyle is one of quick changes and unknown job opportunities. When we were stationed at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in 29 Palms, CA, I remember feeling overwhelmed because of the limited job opportunities for me there. I wanted to work, but needed flexibility and the ability to work remotely if I was going to be able to continue working no matter where we were stationed. It was also important for me to do something meaningful for both my personal and professional growth. When Birthing of Giants approached me with the opportunity to work as a Research Associate in their Admissions department, I found the perfect opportunity.” ~Thai Santiago