How to Prepare for the Unknown

How to Prepare for the Unknown

Are you prepared for the unknown? Here’s a trick I learned to prep for what’s to come.

We live in a time of constant change. Becoming adaptable and flexible are completely necessary to reach our daily goals. And let’s be honest, what we do for a living isn’t the only area where this applies. If we can prep our life for what’s to come in our careers, we can also prep our day for other commitments.

Think about it. How often do we create a list for the grocery store or add an extracurricular activity to the calendar?


Creating a list helps us stay focused and organized. And our calendars keep it visual, teach us consistency and how to prepare for constant change. So, just as often as a meeting is canceled, an invite to the next event is added. Choose to sink or find a way to stay organized and swim.

As someone who has worked in a doctor’s office, I’ll let you in on a little trick. We often plan breaks in the schedule to allow for emergency situations. In fact, this is a process that’s carefully planned out. It’s how we predict those unpredictable situations; how we prepare for the unknown.

Ultimately, prepping your business or work life is simply a means to creating a pattern to your day. While we can’t predict every situation or outcome, we can give ourselves a better chance to overcome challenges by planning for ahead!

In what ways do you prep your business or life for what’s to come?