Congratulations and Welcome to the Mission Entrepreneur family!

We are so excited to help you get your website all set-up and ready to go, but before we can get started, there are a few important steps that we need your help with.

Whether this is a familiar territory or you need someone to walk you through it, we’ve got you covered! Just follow the Rapid Fire Checklist below and then the fun will begin! 

Rapid Fire Checklist



Choose a Website Name

The first step to getting your website started is picking out a domain! A domain is your own personal website address that you can custom to match your unique style.

Research what’s available and purchase your domain name from a domain vendor, such as Google Domains. We recommend using Google Domains due to their ease of use, reliability, and affordability.


Point Your Domain

Next, you’ll need point your website DNS over to us so we can begin to set up your site. We understand this may be foreign to you and you have no idea what we are talking about….but we have easy to follow steps for you to check out below that will walk you through it. This step is very important and must be completed by you before we can begin any work on your site. 



Tell Us About Your Vision

Alright, the hard part is over! Now that you have named your site and pointed your domain to us, it’s time for you to tell us all about your vision for your website.

All you need to do is take a moment to complete this Client Intake Form which will guide you through a series of questions so we can get to know you better and understand all your website goals. Once this has been submitted, we’ll take it from there!

Need help? We’ve got your back sister!
Here’s all the deets below to walk you through completing the Rapid Fire Checklist steps.

1.  Choose a Website Name

Alright friend, are you ready to get your website started? Let’s do this! The first thing we need to do is figure out a website name.  Anyone can buy a domain name.

To do so, visit a domain name registrar, such as Google Domains, GoDaddy or Namecheap. Then key in the domain you want to buy, it will search to see if that’s available and if it is…it will ask you to pay a small fee. You can’t buy just any domain, of course—only one that isn’t already registered by another person or business and that bears a valid domain suffix. If you are confused…no worries! Check out the quick video to some helpful tips! 

If you are wondering who we might recommend…we like Google Domains. Not only do we personally use them for our Mission Entrepreneur site, but several of our clients do as well! 

2.  Point Your Domain to Us

Once you purchase your domain, you’ll need to “point it over to us” so we can set up your new site. Don’t freak out…we are here to help! Check out the quick video and we will walk you through this step and a couple of options for you.

Option 1: Give Mission Entrepreneur Permission to your site. 

If you bought your website name from Google Domains, you can add us to your permissions so we can take care of the rest for you! To complete this step,

1. Log into your Google Domains Admin area
2. Click on Registration Settings
3. Then under Domain Permissions, click on Permissions and enter hit add and your done! We will receive notification that you’ve added us and then we will take care of the rest!

Option 2: Point your DNS Servers to Mission Entrepreneur 

If you would rather not share permissions with us, all you need to do is, 

1. Log into the Google Domains Admin area
2. Click DNS and under the Name Servers section “set” NameServers to and
(if there are already NameServers listed, delete them first).

NOTE: If you purchased from another provider, simply search for “setting NameServers” with that provider and follow the steps they provide to you.

3.  Tell Us About Your Vision

That’s it for the hard stuff!  Now, let the fun begin!!

Now, we need you to take a moment to complete this Client Intake Form. This form will allow you the opportunity to tell us more about you, your vision and details for your website, along with a few other things that will help us set up your site. 

Once submitted, let’s find a time to connect! Click this link to schedule your Kickoff Strategy Call to review your intake form, goals, and get started!