Sick, Tired, and Hungry

Sick, Tired, and Hungry

For some, being sick, tired, and hungry is the only measure used to describe the story of their lives. But for me, the story doesn’t begin there.

My life is a chapter book that includes the highs, the lows, and MORE. The way our lives intertwine with the realities of running a business is no coincidence. We reach these periods in our roles as parents, entrepreneurs or bosses where we get blindsided with the struggles of being SICK, TIRED, and HUNGRY!!!

We can’t let it get the best of us though…

You see, when my child is sick, tired, or hungry…I take care of her needs. When I am sick, tired, or hungry…I (TRY to) take care of my needs. And when we have a team or business that is sick, tired or hungry…We take care of their needs!!!

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    To be SICK

    When our children, family, team or business is sick, we spend the time nurturing them. We hold their hands, wipe their noses, feed them soup, and help them rest. WE LISTEN. We understand, make adjustments, and let them know we’ll take it from here. We recognize the glitches, pay attention to the behaviors, and ensure we haven’t overlooked any important steps. We help our children, family, teams, and business feel better!!!

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    To be TIRED

    When our children, family, teams or businesses are tired, we stand watch. We tuck them in, rub their backs or hum them a tune. We offer a helping hand, bring them their favorite caffeinated beverage, or show them they’re appreciated by giving them a morning off. WE PAY ATTENTION. When our business is running slow, maintain our connections, and ensure we have a clear plan of action.

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    To be HUNGRY

    When our children, family, team or business is hungry, WE FEED THEM. We feed them with delicious food. We feed them with appreciation. We feed them with gratitude…WE FEED THEM WITH LOVE.

We experience these areas in all aspects of our lives. It is what we do to get through these times that will forever make the difference in how “successful” we really become. Our achievements in life mean nothing without the significance each of these groups of people is in our lives. So when you reach these moments in your role, continue to see the value in nurturing those people that helped carry you to your greatest destinations (especially when they are sick, tired, and hungry).

Don’t let these moments amount to the story of your life. Use these moments to expand on your story and as a tool to catapult to something better.