Single Page Website – Guided

Single Page Website – Guided

Streamlined but effective

In many cases, telling the story of your business can be just as critical to success as the product you deliver or service you provide. To help you tell that story, we have partnered with Second Street Creative to offer a number of website design and development options. This streamlined but effective single page design is great for starter businesses and simple business models. The team at Second Street Creative will work closely with you to develop an engaging website reflective of your brand story.


Work Directly with Industry Experts

There's Nothing wrong with a little hand holding

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    There are seemingly endless options available out there for typography. We have carefully curated a listing 20 fonts that help give you flexibility without overwhelming you with options.

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    Color is one of the most challenging choices when it come building a website, Second Street Creative will work with you on selecting an effective color scheme that connects with your customers.

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    We will work with you to select and/or discover engaging imagery that is reflective of your brand story. These images will be used in both the header area and detail panel of the site.

I was able to customize the single page website to effectively tell my brand story without having to invest thousands and thousand of dollars. The site reflects my business and is doing a great job of engaging with customers and generating new leads.

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Indianapolis, IN

The Process

Our collaborative approach to design and development, ensures that will get a website build specific to needs and budget.

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    CREATIVE BRIEF – A online form is sent to you outlining project goals, company history, aesthetic preferences, etc.

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    DISCOVERY – We review the creative brief together and go in to more detail about the project and process.

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    WIREFRAMING – An outline of site scope and feature set

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    DESIGN REVIEW – Delivery of an initial visual concept for your website.

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    REVISIONS – Tweaks to design and layout based on feedback

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    LAUNCH – We will walk you through adding content, security, SEO and everything else you need to know to get your website up and running!

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