The One Thing That Helps You Stay True to Your Values as a Boss Lady

The One Thing That Helps You Stay True to Your Values as a Boss Lady

It’s pretty safe to say that the one thing that keeps us all true to our values, the one thing that keeps us grounded or allows us to be true to our authentic self, is pretty universal. Here it goes. It’s FAMILY – am I right? Without family, who would we be or what would we be doing this all for? As an entrepreneur the love and support of our family is everything!

Our families are made up of several different groups. The most significant is our immediate family—parents, siblings, and children. These people have been with us through every trial and tribulation. They show us a love that is unconditional, and have no filter on tough love and calling us on our crap. Our immediate family helps keep us centered and focused on the goals that really matter in this life. They teach us the importance of prioritizing and how to utilize this tool when it comes to running a business.

We also have a family in the friends we meet throughout this journey. The people in our lives who allow us to vent for every reason and no reason at all. Or the ones who will laugh and cry with us. They cheer us on and help us remember who we are. They allow us to be only our truest selves and encourage us to take a much-needed break from the hustle of being our own boss.

Then there’s the family created through the tribe of people we work with on a daily basis. These people teach us amazing lessons, and empower us and lift us up when the “goal-ing” gets tough. They fight the fight with us and celebrate every ounce of sweat and tears we pour into our goals and dreams. They understand the grit and get to see the side that perhaps even your friends or family have yet to see.

I’ve also had the pleasure of being part of a community that catapults from being a stranger straight into an instant family in possibly the quickest time frame imaginable. As a military spouse, this family has become an anchor to a new set of values and roots that I’ve experienced in my life. I’ve witnessed, on countless occasions, the kindness and understanding from a community that will stop everything to help you; from watching your kids to picking you up from the floor when you’re going through the hardship of deployments, and relocating your life yet again.

In many cases, we are all blessed enough to get a combination of all four of these types of families. It’s an ultimate treasure in life that can satisfy every soul, because no matter what comes around the corner, not only can you handle it with confidence, but you can also break down any barriers with the greatest support systems ever imagined.

The road to entrepreneurship is all about living a life that is purely on your own terms. Reaching this point in life, however, can only be done thanks, in part, to the people we meet along the way and help carry us into the greatest adventures of our lives.

What other types of “families” have helped you stay centered in life?